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The Remarkable Bamboo Straws- Grab Now!

This may come as a blow to you all, but here goes; we enormously love bamboo, but what crafts it so darn cool and so exceedingly resourceful? Why does it make such an amazing drinking straw? In this blog, we’ve got you covered! So without further ruckus, let’s go ahead and discuss how bamboo straws are versatile!



Well, for starters, bamboo is the planet’s most sustainable plant (yes, it actually is a plant!). Bamboo can in fact grow to full maturity between 3-5 years and grows in profusion, principally in the warm and tropical climates of Asia. It symbolizes strength and versatility and is utilized for an assortment of things, not merely for drinking straws. It’s tougher than steel and is completely biodegradable, and the most imperative thing; it won’t add to the distressing harm that single-use plastic is inducing to oceans, rivers, and wildlife habitats throughout the world.


Procuring bamboo straws from real bamboo stalks that you can use over and over again is near as sustainable and planet-friendly as you can get. If we evaluate the damage that single-use plastics are causing to our coastlines with what ensues when bamboo has accomplished the end of its life, there actually is no question on which material has the harshest outcomes on our environment. The good information is that once you have ceased with your bamboo straw absolutely, you can just toss them onto the compost stack where they will break down and compose naturally.


Bamboo straws can be utilized time and time again and look amazing in any drink. Because bamboo is a natural substance, it certainly won’t last as long as a metal straw, but they cost a division of the price and can be used for numerous other things after they’ve ended their life as a straw; think plant stands and props for the kid’s school projects! You can recycle bamboo straws hundreds of times over, so if we do the math, they can be far more reasonable than nasty plastic alternatives that are intended to be used once, and then instantaneously disposed of.


Yes, undeniably they are! Bamboo is absolutely natural and our straws nurture without the need for any destructive pesticides or chemicals. Steam cleaned and pressure washed and contrasting to metal straws, the bamboo does not conduct the heat from hot drinks which might burn your mouth. Bamboo is also amazing for keeping the drink at the temperature at which it was dispensed, meaning iced smoothies and milkshakes won’t make your brain freeze!


The world is going sustainable and it’s the instance to make your hygiene as well. It’s time to ditch those usual plastic straws and initiate choosing bamboo straws. 

Bringing to you the Reusable Bamboo Drinking Straws UK- Set of 4- Biodegradable and 100% Natural Drinking 

Get rid of your regular plastic straws with these eco-friendly bamboo straws from Shop Drop and donate towards a sustainable future. Available in a set of four straws, these are prepared using organically-grown bamboo and are naturally antibacterial and recyclable. 

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