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Tips for Taking an Online Sale from a Simple Receipt to a Loyal Customer

Simple Receipt to a Loyal Customer

Receipts are often taken for granted. Without giving them any attention, we as a company crank them out to our paying customers—certainly without thinking of them as motivators for creating a devoted following.

As consumers, we save them, giving a receipt that requests that we complete a customer satisfaction survey with just a quick scan.

Now consider a receipt with a difference. one with an upsell or cross-sell. Perhaps one that gives a discount on the same or a complementary product when it is purchased again. Alternatively, a receipt with a promotion to subscribe to your newsletter.

Consider this: People don’t throw away receipts. The majority of the time, they are stored safely. And for one reason or another, people frequently go back to them. What better approach to generate repeat business than to use the receipt as an incentive for clients to make another purchase?

Several techniques to increase the mileage on your receipts

Upsells & cross-sells

You can find these listed as “Customers who bought this item also bought XYZ” on numerous online retailers. It could also just be an add-on that improves the first purchase. By sparing your consumer the hassle of having to go back and purchase what she knows she will require, you are assisting her in this situation.

She might still put it off, though.

Since your customers typically preserve their receipts, they may readily locate these incentives if they are listed on the receipts. Additionally, they serve as friendly reminders of other things the consumer may want.
And if you’ve provided a tempting discount, double the incentive.


Consumers enjoy coupons. Consider the earlier days when customers excitedly cut them out of newspapers. The ability to create coupons with a wide range of discounts is a feature found in the majority of eCommerce plugins.

Giving the buyer a reason to use the voucher is crucial in this situation. This can be accomplished with a storewide discount or the aforementioned upsells and cross-sells.

Why are coupons so effective? Your customer might require something, but not at this time. If there is a discount involved, people might swiftly change their views. It might only take having it on the receipt and allowing them some leeway with the expiration code for them to return and, ideally, become a regular customer.

List building

Building a list takes a lot of effort for any internet retailer. It takes time to carefully position pop-ups or signup forms. They may be a treasure trove if done right. If done incorrectly, it will only result in extreme customer annoyance.

If someone left your website without joining your list, you are essentially on your own. You can give your consumers one more opportunity to opt-in by including a perk in your receipt that encourages them to provide you with their email address, such as a discount.

Thank you redirects

Where does someone go after they click the last button to pay? Just a little thank you for your order- a way to get in touch with you if they have inquiries about their order?

Well, think about this: an effective landing page based on what they bought could aid you in upselling to your loyal consumers.

What role does this play in your receipt program, exactly? However, not every visitor to the thank-you landing page will be interested in your offer. But if you put that link on your receipt, it’s just one more subliminal reminder to finish the transaction.

Take advantage of those receipts

Online receipts have many benefits over paper receipts from brick-and-mortar stores, one of which is the ability to turn links into clickable hyperlinks. How many times have you carefully filled in a URL that you saw on your printed receipt only to have to do it again or three times because you made a mistake? You can fix that issue with your online store receipt.

You may personalize your receipts using a few WordPress eCommerce plugins. Others simply provide you with a text link. Whatever path you choose, don’t discount the importance of your receipts.


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